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Your company needs a new game / Serious gaming

Either you’re a publisher of board games and are looking for a specific type of game, or you are a non-boardgame company and you would love to give away a corporate board game to your clients or personnel.

Or maybe you need some applied gaming, or ‘serious gaming‘ in your company or organization.

I am very experienced in serious game design based on specific demands. I have developed games for example for e-commerce companies and publishers of audio-books. None of these games are sold in game stores. These companies requested specific details within their games, or typical jokes. Or they needed to express certain facilities they offer to their clients. This requires some special attention of course. Typically these game are not published under a brand in game stores but are promotional gifts.

One example is this game I have designed and developed for Willemsen de Koning

The company Willemsen de Koning is a taxi company that proves that taxi transport is more than a journey from A to B. They specialise in ‘transport with care’ for children that need special attention, elderly people and people with disabilities. They have requested 999 games to develop a game for them that they could provide to their clients and personnel

Read more about the development here.

There are many options to find your specific type of game. I can design your game, test it, arrange the graphic design and illustrations based on your budget and can connect you to the right game factory or publisher for a cooperation in production, based on your needs.