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For board game publishers

What I can offer you is quite diverse, as you can read here on my website. I am available full time in any part or as whole on your project in board- or card game development. Have a look at my recommendations to find out why you need me for your project. I am a board game designer, developer and editor. Whatever you call it…
Project Management - Made by Flo de Haan

Project management

I can do the full project management for you. Planning, management of co-workers. budgeting, keep an eye on details while retaining that helicopter view. We decide together what the game should be, what the target audience, MSRP and the scope is and I make sure we stick to that.

Game Development - Made by Flo de Haan


First I analyse and parse the game. Strip it to the very core of the game, and then build up from there. I will question everything, and rewrite the rules from scratch. I will make sure every new reader will understand everything and leave out unnecessary details within the rules. Does it still fit our target audience? Is the game exciting enough? Is it too complex, or does it lack strategy? I will synch this with our plan.

Prototyping - Made by Flo de Haan


I can design and produce multiple simplified prototypes that are best for testing purposes, which may not have the same look as when published. Stripped off from unnecessary details, yet sustainable during the testing period. Not a prototype to convince others, but to test over and over again.

Testing - Made by Flo de Haan

External testing

Depending on the scope of the testing I can make sure we have a blind testing team where we use queries with well defined questions and checklist items. Not only do we collect data, we also want opinions. These are proven to be two different things.

Balancing - Made by Flo de Haan

Victory Points balancing

After the testing we need to have a closer look at scores. Are these still in sync with our plan? Games get really more interesting when you redefine the scoring system.

Component Reduction - Made by Flo de Haan

Component reduction

OK, the game is great! But production costs are too high. I can help find where we can cut the costs while retaining the core of the game. This will increase the profit.

Factory Contact - Made by Flo de Haan

Connection to factories

I can check with various factories and provide them with a well detailed list of components, discuss the variations and do a calculation of the costs. All depending on where you want to produce you game.

Rulebook Writing - Made by Flo de Haan

Writing the rulebook

While developing the game, I rewrite the rulebook, default in English. I specifically focus on creating multilingual rulebooks. The emphasis is on the structure of the rules, as it is language-independent. Structure is of utmost importance, and I have extensive experience in this aspect. I take into account examples, illustrations, and graphic design while writing the rulebook. I have a multidisciplinary approach, and maintaining an overview is where I excel.

Rulebook Editing - Made by Flo de Haan

Editing the rulebook

After the core rulebook is finalised and translations are done by the translation company, I can edit the rulebook afterward. My experience is that translations always come with new considerations. Retroactive editing is always required, which results in adjustment in the original language. Perfect rulebooks are theoretically impossible; it's never about being "flawless" but always about the taste and interpretation of the reader. For instance, the choice of verb forms, imperative mode, or rather descriptive language. I can ensure the desired style is maintained.

Theme Development - Made by Flo de Haan

Theme development

A theme can make or break the game. Possibly your game concept is great, but the current theme doesn’t fit your preferred audience. I am a storyteller. Have a look at my portfolio where I present various successful theme adjustments and developments. But providing a compelling story to an abstract game can also greatly enhance your game.

Art Direction - Made by Flo de Haan

Art direction

Inventing the theme is one thing, but sticking to it is very important to successful artwork. I will make 100% sure that the illustrator, the graphic designer, and the marketing team will all be on the same track when it comes to the looks of the game.
By the way: I am experienced in creating artwork using Artificial Intelligence .

Artwork Briefing - Made by Flo de Haan

Briefing of the illustrator

This means the illustrator has to know exactly what to draw, but more importantly: what NOT to draw. This is a fine line between achieving perfection and missing the boat.
Client: "Draw a horse please"
Illustrator: "I see... like 'My Little Pony'?"
Client: "No more like Zorro"

Graphic Design - Made by Flo de Haan

Graphic design

I can make the graphic designs of the components, the rulebook, or prepare a perfect briefing for you in-house graphic designer.

I will surprise you, I will!

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