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You are a board game designer

Flo de Haan - Board Game Developer

“Flo, can you have a quick look at my game, and tell me what you think?”

Well, of course there are several paths that can lead you to publishing a game, but if you want a professional analysis of your concept, I’m your man. For a quick look… Your grandma will love it! Ask her! You’ll get a 100% positive review. I’m sure! But it won’t get you any further

What I’m offering you is much more than that…

Your game, your idea

Your rulebook

Blasting Billy Final Product rulebook example. Development is done by Flo de Haan.

Your prototype

Mega Civilization - creation of the prototype

After this… you need help?

Your design stays YOUR design. But you want your game to stand out… I can improve it.

Interested in my help? Let’s work together to make your game a success!

Read my recommendations to find out how other game designers were satisfied when I transformed their concepts into published games.

Lars Jansen - holding SAMOA

Here are some tips to improve your game in advance even before consulting me. Ask yourself these questions:

    • What type of game is it? Strategy? Push your luck? Quiz? Roll & write? Etc.
    • What is the theme of the game?
    • What is the goal of you game, or how can you win the game?
    • What is your target audience? Children? Family? Students? Gamers? Try and pick just 1.
    • Can you define the complexity of the game compared to others
    • Can you compare your game with already existing games?
    • Buy them at your local game store or here
    • Does it include a component list including images
    • Does it include images at all?
    • Does it include examples?
    • Does it include an overview of actions / cards?